Cordys Zoom Kids Watch

  • €39,00


As you have already learned themselves, Cordys Smart Kids Watch Zoom smart watch for kids comes in two colors, but our test is the blue. While I watch the combination of light blue and white, strap is a nice combination of light and dark blue. We note how smart I sat ergonomically designed so it can not hurt kids, and yet everything is accessible and within reach. Also, the belt is very soft

The screen is rectangular in appearance and color is, and is sensitive to the touch. Below the screen you will see a green button that serves to receive a phone call, and serves as a key for the return (back). On the left edge of the clock to see rubber cover below which there is a slot for microSIM card, while the right also rubber cover below which is a microUSB input where you charge the battery, and slightly below the button to end the phone conversation or SOS button, which we will explain in detail later .

Although after this rubber lids thought as this smart watch water-resistant, it is not. Try to explain to children with him should not be in the water, and would not be good even if it Ali juice :) Otherwise, a built-in rechargeable battery of 400 mAh which can be loaded with any charger 0.5A to more, such as a charger for your smartphone. Otherwise, the size of 223 x 38 x 17 millimeters and weighs only 41 grams.


When starting the device will appear sympathetic "Hello" message, after which it will appear the initial screen that displays the time and date, battery status, signal strength and other basic parameters. The screen is nice monkey who will accompany you :)

As the touch screen you can "flip" from left to right or vice versa, and will appear next screens - Phonebook (phone book), Talk (calls), Make a Friend (if you are in the vicinity of anyone else with this clock can become "friends"), step (step counter) and App download (downloading applications SeTracker 2). It should be noted that the step counter (pedometer) is off, and it can turn over applications.

The phone book can accommodate 15 numbers that kids can call, while in the Talk section, you can see the phone calls and received messages, and send voice messages. Here it should be mentioned and one SOS button that can be programmed and enter three numbers to be this smart watch called in case of pressing on the right edge - first called the first number, and then if necessary, second and third.

He's handsome and reward systems with sympathetic hearts, and he is in fact some sort of motivating factor for children who thus can further motivate.


The true function of this smart clock you will get free installation SeTracker 2 applications. This can be done via the QR code in the booklet with instructions for use or the menu in the smart class. Otherwise there is a first SeTracker applications, but somehow it seems that the "deuce" much more appropriate for work and somehow works better.

In order not to have to look for the links, here they are:
- SeTracker2 (Android)
- SeTracker2 (iOS)

The classic version:
- SeTracker (classic version, Android)
- SeTracker (classic version, iOS)

The application is very simple to use, so that there is no need to explain. We should mention two things - you need to create your profile / account (keep data!), And on a separate page application settings that you can adjust themselves to suit you.

What I will only note that is available in several languages, but no Croatian so you can hold in English. The same applies to the smart interface clock.